SLIM Sign Collection

SLIM is SIGNET’s incredibly thin flat sign system, constructed with our double-sided profiles in a wide range of sizes. The profiles’ grooved side supports easy-to-replace paper and plastic inserts; perfect for information that requires continuous updating or replacing. A very cost effective solution for bulletin boards, door signs and name plates etc. The double-sided profiles’ smooth/flat surface side is suitable for more permanent information, such as direct text/graphic vinyl applications in sign headings for floor, office and wayfinding signs.

SLIM directory sign A3-size (297 x 420 mm), floor sign A4-size (210 x 297 mm) and door sign A5-size (148 x 210 mm) all with replaceable paper inserts and clear plastic covers.

SLIM name plates; 200×105 mm, 170×70 mm, and 150×50 mm with replaceable paper inserts and clear plastic covers.


SLIM small directory sign 148×250 mm, with A5-size paper insert and clear plastic cover.

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